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A positive enviroment to challenge and push your limits! Set goals and achieve them! 

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Welcome to the services page with some brief descriptions of the coaching services we offer. Please contact Coach Mike for more info.


Coaching services

Gotta Have Heart Training offers the following kind of coaching;

1:1 coaching for runners, Triathlete, Duathlon of any distance and any combination. maybe you compete in all various types of Endurance sports and need a coach to help keep you focused. To keep you tracking in the right direction doing the proper workouts with the proper recovery to mix in "B" races on your way to the goal "A" races

1:1  online coaching for Athletes outside of the Twin cities area... or Athletes who have a hard time making it to the group workouts offered.

Group Training:  as part of being a 1:1 client you are welcome to attend many group workouts with the team and feed off the energy and support of others. That will allow you to grow,push yourself and make new friends.

Youth coaching:   Coach Mike also works with youth throughout the season/year to have them training properly for sports such as cross country, track, triathlon, duathlon.  We would like to build a high school age Triathlon team in the area.

As a client of Gotta Have Heart Training you will activate a Training peaks account in which Coach Mike will upload your workouts and for you to log in and report how they went after and stay in complete communication with Coach. 



Prices and rates.

Contact Coach Mike for prices and rates for the various coaching services. 

Group Workouts

Gotta Have Heart Training offer Group workouts as part of the 1:1 coaching fee you pay for. Summer of 2017 hope to launch some training camps. If your looking to jump into some group workouts contact Mike about fees for this. Not open to creating a "group class" feel like a group fitness class at a gym because the focus is on the athletes I truly coach.. but could be open to a small number of drop ins or create a special one day a week just "group" class.

Cylce instructor... Ride leader

Stay tuned... for upcoming cycle classes coach Mike teaches.