Gotta Have Heart Training
A positive enviroment to challenge and push your limits! Set goals and achieve them! 

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Team Gotta Have Heart at the Races!

About Us

Gotta Have Heart Training is lead by head coach Mike Buenting.
Mike is a USA Track and Field certified running coach and has years of coaching experience with runners from 5k to marathon and with Triathletes and Duathlon athletes.

Mike also coaches youth athletes working with Minnetonka middle school west cross country team and distance runners on the Track team.

Mike has years of competing experience as well. Boston marathon runner 6 times, Ironman finisher, competed for Team USA at World Duathlon Championships and took the bronze medal. Mike has competed in many more events over the years, including a lot of podium finishes.

Mike is known for helping runner's qualify for the Boston marathon and then coaching them for that event and traveling east to share the journey with them.

Mike has a passion for coaching, and uses the "Team" concept to build a positive environment for others to meet and train together.

Get challenged today! but you Gotta Have Heart to survive!