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Very nice words from athletes I coach

Want to qualify for Boston Coach MB can get you there!



When I started running with Mike, I needed to shave 5-minutes off my marathon time to qualify for The Boston Marathon.  In following the training plan created by Mike and participating the the challenging yet encouraging workouts he hosted, I improved my marathon time by 17 minutes!!  Being a member of the group inspired me to push beyond what I pictured for myself and to contine to achieve faster paces.  I now run at a level that I wouldn't have dreamed for myself.  In addition to running faster, and maybe more importantly, I have connected with a compassionate and supportive group of friends.

Krisana Hoff

Chanhassen, MN

Running with Coach MB and the group is more than just workouts.


"I won the lottery when I stumbled upon Mike Buenting's running group.  I only joined the group because Mike was able to get me into a marathon that was already full.  I figured, okay, I'll train with a group.  What I found was so much more.  In Mike, I found a knowledgeable, dedicated coach who leads by example.  He relit the competitive fire that I had missed since leaving college athletics a decade ago.  The team workouts challenged me in a way that I simply could not do on my own.


Mike has crafted a team of friends who run together, support each other, and hang out together.  It is real life, so it's not always everlasting bliss.  It is a lot of fun though, through the ups and downs that come with training, or life for that matter.  Things aren't all sunshine and rainbows.  Mike is hard on you when he needs to be.


Mike's individual attention comes in handy when the occasional injury sneaks up.  He will modify your plan quickly and check in with you frequently to see if it needs further tweaking.


I have been training with Mike for a year now.  I have to say that the best thing I found in training with Mike is a deep friendship that I treasure.

John O'Connor

Eden Prairie, MN

The Leader....keeps you on track for your goals!


I started training with Mike and running competitively in the fall of 2011 and ran Grandma's as my first marathon the following June. That same year, I qualified for Boston and have run it twice since then in addition to several half marathons, a 50K and many shorter distance races. All of this success is a direct reflection of Mike's coaching and guidance‎ coupled with a positive group atmosphere that provides support and accountability. Mike is a phenomenal leader, coach and friend and his running group is very beneficial to anyone looking to improve their personal performance.

Todd Doyle

Victoria, MN

Coach is more than just helping you not run into trees.


When I met Mike two years ago, he had just returned from the 2012 Boston marathon . His passion for running and specifically running the Boston marathon was so contagious that I started to dream big: I wanted to run the Boston marathon!  Little did I know!! I was an active mom, but far from being a runner, and 26.2 miles from being a marathon runner. 


I asked for his advice, and if he thought that a regular jogger (40 years old with a German instead of a Kenyan passport) could run a marathon? Of course he said “yes” and that I should join his running club. The thought of running with strangers was frightening and intimidating.  I wondered,.What would I learn from a coach? How not to run into a tree?” I laughed at him. One week later I joined his group and have hardly missed any workouts since (except when sidelined or traveling).


Mike’s coaching exceeded everything I could have imagined. The camaraderie and the dedication among his runners  is very impressive and inspiring. Mike keeps  his running group motivated and accountable. He knows that every runner is different and he adjusts  training plans accordingly. He does this while fostering a sense of community and teamwork while  making our time together fun.


With Mike’s help, strangers became friends and a jogger became a runner – a , marathon runner! I was able to fulfill my big dream because of a  coach, who believed in me and a group of runners, who supported each other.  I ran the Boston marathon in 2013 and 2014 (besides TC marathon in 2012 and Des Moines in 2013).


Training for a marathon wasn’t easy, at least not for me. It has been a fun journey of joy and dedication but also pain, injuries and setbacks. I am grateful for all of it, the good and the bad. But most of all, I am forever thankful to have shared that with a coach MB and his team Without him I  would not have realized my dream of running a marathon. And it is good to have someone on my side to remind me, not to run into a tree!    

Manuela Knispel


It's a Team effort! With one crazy (supportive) leader.


I trained with Mike after coming off of 20 weeks bed rest and the birth of my third child.  When I first started to run again I could barely go a couple of miles without having to stop to walk (and walk a lot!).  Coach gave me a consistent plan to get me back into shape.  Within a few months I was feeling much better.  The group provided me with the perfect amount of “push” and camaraderie to make me a better runner while at the same time have fun.  9 months post bed rest and baby, I ended up with a 6 minute PR on the Boston Marathon course.  That never would have happened without the plan and without the friends I met and trained with.

Kelli "KB" Bue

Eden Prairie, MN